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With passion for transforming food systems


Dr. Andy Zynga

CEO EIT Food. Drives innovation in the food industry as CEO of EIT Food, has a track record of successfully building and transforming businesses.

Jennifer Baker

Presenter and reporter, Brusselsgeek. Renowned moderator with in-depth knowledge of the EU, politics, technology, and legislation.

Dr. Kari Tronsmo

Open Innovation leader at Danone and President of EIT Food Think Tank on Protein Diversification, drives food system transformation

Prof. Klaus G. Grunert

Professor of Marketing at Aarhus University, founder of the MAPP Research Center. A renowned researcher in consumer behavior, focusing on food.

Acacia Smith

Leads GFI Europe's work on securing public funding across Europe for sustainable protein research and development, bridging science and policy.

Sofia Kuhn

Director of EIT Food's Public Engagement Team and founder of FoodUnfolded® - a community platform discussing the origins and future of food.

Prof. Maarja Kruusmaa

President-elect of NORDTEK, professor and head of Centre for biorobotics at Tallinn University of Technology. Member of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors to the European Commission

Anja Katalin De Cunto

Team leader at Eurocities, focusing on urban food systems, Food Trails and CLEVERFOOD. Representing cities' interest in the development of food policies.

Prof. Nigel Scollan

Director of The Institute for Global Food Security at Queen's University Belfast. Expertise in animal agriculture, supply chains and food research.

Prof. John Gilliland

Strategic Advisor, Practitioner & Innovator in Climate Smart Farming, Land Management & Policy Development.

Anna Handschuh 

Head of Public Affairs and Impact  at Onego Bio, Expert in sustainability and corporate innovation. Represents a food-biotech company that produces animal-free egg protein with precision fermentation.

Howard Koster 

Farmer / Research & Education Officer, Practitioner of regenerative agriculture, including various forms of agroforestry and a CSA market garden.

Marjolein Brasz

Leads Foodvalley work to bolster the ecosystem by providing access to the right people, financial resources, and shared facilities. Practice leadership in food transition.

Enno Ence

Leads Milzu! work, EIT Food Region Innovation Scheme member of the policy council. Mentor for personal and business growth.

Orsolya Frizon - Somogyi

Deputy Head of Unit, Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development at European Commission. Participate in Horizon Europe program agricultural and rural research and innovation.

Mečislavs Maculēvičs

HR Director Baltics at Rimi Baltic Group

International experience (Baltics, Poland, and ASV) in large team leadership. HR expertise in leadership development, learning, recruiting, etc.



Vice-Rector for Innovation at Riga Technical University, member of the European Innovation Council Board (EIC), and member of the board at Latvian Startup Association. 

Robert Jones

Vice President of Mosa Meat and President of Cellular Agriculture Europe. He has 25yrs of experience in public policy and advocacy including as an appointee by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Hein van Es

CMO and captain of Verdify's Solutions Business Unit

Ninna Granucci

CEO and founder at Green Spot Technologies, is on a mission to use science and technology as tools to support the transformation of the current Food System.

Sarah Decoine

Business Development at BettaF!sh, Lead Ambassador for FoodHack in Berlin.

Anna Handschuh

Head of Public Affairs and Impact at Onego Bio, has two decades of experience in sustainability and corporate innovation

Jordi Lopez

Business Development at BettaF!sh, Lead Ambassador for FoodHack in Berlin.

Sarah Ritterrath

Chief of Staff at Bosque Foods, has a background in business and innovation management at an generative AI startup, Uber and Microsoft.

Anna Altner

Founder of The Loop Factory and now Yangi, has over 20 years of experience leading disruptive innovation projects in the forest industry.

Dr. Darina Štyriaková

CEO ekolive s.r.o., ekolive Germany GmbH, environmental consultant for Košice Region, PhD in Biotechnologies, author of 2 patents, coordinator of 4 EU projects, business mentor.

Baran Baykurt Emiroğlu

Co-founder & CEO Freshsens, has extensive experience in the fruit-packaging industry that he leveraged to prolong and predict fruit shelf-life

Aviaja Riemann-Andersen

CEO & Co0Founder of Agrain by Circular Food Technology ApS, member of the DK Federation of industry’s Climate & Sustainability Advisory Boards, and the DK Plant based Business Association.

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